Gift Set box 36,50

Gift Set box 36,50

Handcrafted bottled cocktails specialy created for this period of year with a limited stock avalible, official sales bigins on the 15th of October.
  • Price is exclusive VAT
  • Delivery cost in Netherlands 7,50
  • Pick up option in Amsterdam.
  • For orders larger then 25 Gift Boxes please contact us to: info@finestraincocktailco.com 

Smoked Old Fashioned: Delicious smokey twist of a classic Old Fashioned, prepared with bourbon whiskey, home-made smoked sugar syrup, orange and chocolate bitters.

Negroni: Orange & Spice twist of a classic Negroni prepared with Gin, Campari and red vermouth paired with orange and winter spice bitters.

Vanilla and Rosemary Collins: Refreshing cocktail prepared with Vanilla gin, home-made rosemary syrup and orange bitters.
Perfect Serve: All cocktails come with dried garnishes; all you need to have is ice and 50ml of tonic water for the Collins.

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