It doesn’t matter whether you have a big or a small party, it is always nice to serve good drinks and delicious cocktails to your guests. FinestrainCocktailCo is the key to have a successful party.
Our cocktail shakers are knowledgeable about cocktails and have the experience to make an unforgettable event.
We offer two different cocktail packages
  • Classic cocktails
  • Tailor-made cocktails
Classic cocktails from which you can choose for your event or party include Mojito, Caipirinha, Tom Collins, Negroni and many more.  We use fresh ingredients, homemade infusions and sustainable products reducing waste in our cocktails. We've made a mission to replace refined sugars with healthier alternatives. 
Our tailor-made cocktails will make your event even more special. These are unique cocktails and our cocktail shakers will pleasantly surprise guests with their creations.     

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