Online workshop - 60 minutes - 2 cocktails p.p - EUR 32,50

Online workshop - 60 minutes - 2 cocktails p.p - EUR 32,50

Our Online cocktail workshop is the perfect match for all the special occasions with your colleagues, friends or family. This workshop will be hosted on a live stream via Zoom or other meeting platforms. 

Workshop Format:
You will receive a cocktail package delivered at your door step with all necessary ingredients for two cocktails, all you need are following basic kitchen items and ingredients:

* Small measurement cup for water, of  50 or 100ml
* 1 fresh lemon and 1
fresh lime
* Cutting board 
* 1 Kitchen knife 
* Cocktail shaker or Gym Shaker
* 1k
ilo Ice cubes 

Do you wish to have your own professional cocktail set for the workshop and future cocktail creations? We’ve got you covered, you may add a professional cocktail set gear for EUR 16,50

If you prefer to buy yourself all ingredients, we provide you with a complete shopping list and guidelines on how to prepare your own home-made syrups and all necessary for the workshop.
  • Workshop Duration: 90 minutes 
  • Every participant will prepare 3 Mocktails (one craft bottled cocktail and one regular cocktail ) 
  • You will learn tips & tricks on how to use your kitchen equipment for cocktail preparation, no need for expensive gear.
  • Techniques and insights on how to prepare homemade syrups for cocktails and how to create delicios cocktails with less available in house. 
  • Flair session: If you are not familiar with this term, now is the moment to see how Tom Cruise rocks the bar in the movie Cocktail. Our professional bartender will host a short demonstration for you.

Minimum participants: 5
*Cocktail Box, exclusive bar gear: € 32.50
*Online Workshop Shopping list € 12,50
*Professional bar gear set € 12,50
*Delivery cost in the Netherlands € 7,50
All prices are exclusive VAT

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