Do you love cocktails and always wondered how to prepare them?
Are you fascinated by the world of mixing ingredients how to make all these “magical drinks”?
FineStrainCocktailCo organize fun and educational interactive cocktail workshops for individuals, groups and corporate team building outings.
Our workshops are hosted in the most beautiful locations from Amsterdam or your desire location.
Various workshops 
Our instructors will share their years of experience with you, and teach you the art of preparing cocktails approaching different types of technics such as sustainability by reducing waste in cocktails and using unrefined sugars
You will learn:
-History of cocktails
-Techniques, such as stirring, building, or shaking

- Sustainability technics how to reduce waste in your cocktails
-How to use unrefined sugars in your cocktails.
Once you've mastered the principles, you can finally impress your own friends and family with your cocktails! Get to know all the tips and tricks at FineStrainCocktailCo.
Are you curious about how we work? Two of our bartenders were asked for a television show to give a short workshop, you can now see the hilarious footage here! You can also take a look at our pictures; who knows, you might come across!   

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